Upcoming: Munich Management Colloquium 2024

Munich Management Colloquium 2024: Resilience trough Networking and Collaboration

On March 5 and 6, 2024, Munich will host a gathering of visionary leaders, innovative thinkers, and determined doers from the realms of business, academia, and politics for the 31st Munich Management Colloquium. Themed “Strong Together: Resilience through Networking and Collaboration,” the event will center on forward-thinking discussions and strategy developments for a future marked by profound changes and uncertainties.

BMW CEO Oliver Zipse auf der MMK30 im März 2023 mit Prof. Horst Wildemann dem Leiter der Tagung.
BMW CEO Oliver Zipse at the MMK30 in March 2023 with Prof. Horst Wildemann, Founder of the MMK.

In an era where global challenges and digital transformations are pushing the boundaries of traditional business models, the colloquium emphasizes the indispensable role of collaboration across corporate boundaries. Featuring over 80 distinguished speakers, the event will serve as a forum demonstrating how resilient corporate networks can be bolstered through innovation partnerships, shared standards, and effective data exchange.

The colloquium invites attendees to look beyond their immediate surroundings and recognize collaboration competence as the new key to success. It’s about forging partnerships that advance not just individual organizations but entire industries and society at large. From debates on reshoring production chains to the state’s role as an innovation partner and the equitable use of data, the colloquium addresses the pressing questions of our time.

Prof. Dr. Gunther Friedl of TUM School of Management, one of the hosts of the MMK.

Participants will have the opportunity to join discussions, lectures, and workshops to collaboratively develop approaches for a sustainable, connected, and future-proof corporate leadership. The Munich Management Colloquium offers a platform for exchange and cooperation, setting the course for tackling future challenges.

State of the art technique on stage at MMK.

The event promises to be a meeting point for those who wish to be not just witnesses but also architects of a new era in management, where collaboration lays the foundation for success and prosperity. An opportunity for networking, engaging with experts, and gaining valuable insights for one’s own business practices.

Nikolai A. Behr reporting on new development in management at MMK.

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