Automotion will be more important than ever

The use of automation in business operations has been growing in recent years and its importance is set to become even greater in 2023. With the potential to increase productivity, reduce errors, and eliminate tedious tasks, it is not surprising that many managers have already incorporated some form of automation into their processes. From time management software that automatically clocks employees in when they reach a job site to shift scheduling software that drafts schedules based on employees’ availability, automations can make a significant difference in frontline operations management.

The benefits of automation go beyond simply reducing manual workloads. It can also help managers oversee employees more efficiently and effectively, while allowing them to focus on more important tasks that require human judgment. This is particularly important as companies face increasing pressure to meet growing customer demands while staying competitive in a fast-paced business environment.

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However, it is important to approach automation with caution and involve employees in the decision-making process. Asking frontline employees what they actually want and need can help identify which tasks are ripe for automation and which require human judgment. This approach can also increase employee buy-in and make it easier to implement new automations.

Moreover, it is crucial to train workers thoroughly in new automations before going live in the field. This will not only help employees use the new tools more effectively, but also ensure they are comfortable with the changes and feel supported in the transition. It is also important to offer ways for employees to provide feedback on the new automations so that they can be refined to meet their specific needs.

With the right approach, automation can be a powerful tool for businesses in 2023 and beyond. By taking the time to evaluate which processes can be automated, involving employees in the decision-making process, and providing proper training and feedback mechanisms, businesses can unlock the full potential of automation and drive growth and success.

Bild von Gerd Altmann auf Pixabay 

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