Handball European Championship and Management: Your body language decides if you have to win!

The final match for the second place in the group at the European Handball Championship on 13.01.2019 will be exciting. Our seven has to win against Latvia today to reach the main round behind Spain. Hardly any other sport is as physically intensive and physically demanding as the popular sport of handball. After the debacle appearance against Spain, a convincing presentation of the DHB team is now necessary.

Body language is an important part of a successful conclusion. In sports as well as in management. If you appear clear and strong as a manager, you will better convince your counterpart of your positions.
If the handball players don’t make it today, maybe it was also due to the preparation. You should also prepare yourself for your next appearance. How to score successfully with the audience and in front of the camera is taught in the seminar Living “Body Language”. Pick up the ball. If not now, then when!?

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