Happy Birthday, Steve, King of Rhetoric!

Last Friday computer visionary Steve Jobs would have turned 65. The presentations of the Apple co-founder are still considered legendary today. He knew what moves us before we knew it ourselves. And he knew the ingredients for world-shaking presentations. Media coaches will gladly tell you the recipe in their training sessions.

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs

Here is a little foretaste:

"Make yourself a hero. "

Find a bad guy. Problems open doors. Get your message across in a simple and clear way. The press will thank you for it. Present visions, not messages. Dreams sell better than products. Use little font. Use a large typeface. More pages, more understanding. Practice with professionals. Over and over again. And always have a backup with you. Better safe than sorry.

Picture Steve Jobs: Creative Commons (CC): MetalGearLiquid, based on File:Steve_Jobs_Headshot_2010-CROP.jpg made by Matt Yohe

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