How you break shackles with storytelling

Do you know the situation of having to inspire your superior for a new project or your customer for a new product? Or do you have to present an improvement in the workflow or a new strategy in the company? Or even implement a change process? In such a situation you want to be successful and attract positive attention. If you have not experienced such a situation yourself, you will be happy to look at more or less proven methods of predecessors or competitors in order not to get out of line too much or even leave a bad impression. One sticks to old patterns and proven methods and does not dare to try anything new. Do not attract negative attention!

But exactly here you have to rethink!

What impression remains of your presentation at the end of the day? Is it the new product specifications or the time gained from the new workflow, preferably to the second? – Rather not!

The strongest effect on your solution approach is in your own hands!

Because your enthusiasm, your commitment, your communication and the charisma you bring to the table are major success factors. Just a smile while you present your task or introduce your concept can be a big win. And by the way, you can strengthen your arguments considerably with a positive charisma.

Venture something new!

Why not start your lecture or presentation in a completely new way. For example, do a little role play or a question and answer game with your colleagues or customers. The effect will be immediately visible. In most cases you will get more attention and the audience will show more interest in your concern. Involve those present in your presentation and make them think about it. Activation through storytelling is the magic word.

Emotions through stories!

Dare to start with an emotional story from your life or from a person known to the audience. This emotional connection between you, your story and your audience has a strong effect on the memorability of your content.

Dare to break shackles!

The road to success rarely leads over the well-trodden paths. If you are always in the same rut, you don’t attract attention, you can hardly inspire anyone and you hardly convince any listeners. Try out something new from time to time and above all bring a little humour into your daily work routine! Humour, politeness and a smile open doors and hearts.

Storytelling as the key to success?

If you are not sure how to use storytelling in your personal or professional situation or which tools you can use to achieve your goals, why not attend a training course? The DIKT – German Institute for Communication & Avoidance Training in Munich, for example, offers special storytelling training courses. Get in touch with the experts and let them advise you.

Practicing right?

There are many ways to practice communication and storytelling. Look for suitable contacts in your environment who offer media training and storytelling trainings. One such provider is the DIKT in Munich, which offers training courses throughout Europe with 28 trainers in 6 languages.

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