Working remotely

Amid the ongoing pandemic, remote work has become the new norm, and even seasoned work-from-home employees are facing new challenges. However, managers can take research-backed measures to enhance the productivity and engagement of remote workers.

To begin with, managers need to be aware of the difficulties that remote work can pose to their employees. Without proper training and preparation, even the best-performing employees may experience a slump in their job performance. Common challenges of remote work include limited access to information, social isolation, lack of in-person supervision, and distractions at home.

To tackle these issues, managers can schedule daily check-ins through video conferencing. In addition to these check-ins, over-communication is key, particularly when assigning tasks, duties, and responsibilities. Communication gaps can be a significant problem even in traditional workplaces, but in a remote setting, it becomes even more crucial. Establishing clear rules of engagement can also lead to more efficient remote work. Managers should establish expectations around the best times for team members to communicate with one another.

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